Gabby Davis

Portfolio Partner

In a world that changes constantly and technology continues to change marketplaces, experience is an essential ingredient for success.

A dedicated and hard-working member of The Agency’s Rockhampton office, Gabrielle Davis is a licensed real estate professional who goes above and beyond to exceed expectations. She specialises in the vibrant and ever-changing markets of the area with a great sense of appreciation for the local community.

As an incredibly family-oriented person, Gabrielle does all that she can to form meaningful and lasting connections with people from all walks of life. It’s because of her empathy and compassion that she always finds great joy in seeing how excited others feel when they finally get their dream property. Her genuine desire to assist her clients in any way she can makes her one of the most reliable and trustworthy agents in the area.

Proud to work alongside some of the best agents in the industry, Gabrielle trusts that her diverse skill set will be further honed under the management of such a renowned brand as The Agency. She values the company’s substantial network of experts and access to invaluable resources and she’s keen to continuously grow and deliver superior results every time.


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