Three Essential Tips to Maximise your Rockhampton Home Sale Results


Ready to sell your Rockhampton home in 2024? 


Rockhampton homes are selling relatively quickly at the moment, but of course, the more you sell for, the more flexibility you will have for your next move. If you want a financial outcome you’re absolutely thrilled with, keep the following in mind: 


1. Think about street appeal


First impressions matter! You have a couple of seconds for buyers to start forming an opinion, so make sure they count. 


Maximising your home’s street appeal


Here are some of the best ways to improve your street appeal and bring the wow factor to your place:


Tidy and repair: An untidy front yard is an immediate turn-off as buyers will take it as a sign that the home has not been taken care of. Remove any rubbish or bits and pieces, including kids' bikes and toys, and ensure your yard is nicely presented without anything lying around. If you have a fence, front wall or letterbox, do what you can to have it looking its best. 


Upgrade the garden: If you have the time and budget, you can increase your home’s street appeal by adding flowering plants or laying fresh green turf. At the very least, you should weed the garden and add fresh mulch to garden beds so the front part of the house looks well presented and low maintenance. Go for native plants that thrive in our hot and sunny part of the world. 


Pressure wash: It can be surprising how much dirt can attach itself to a home‘s exterior. A high-pressure wash of your home's facade, including your pathways, driveways and garage doors can take years off your home and increase its street appeal.


Check your house number: If you don't already, ensure you have a clear and readable house number. This way, potential buyers won't be driving up and down the street trying to figure out which is the right house. 


Prepare the front entryway: Is your front door clean and is the entryway clear? Some potted plants can give a nice feel as people come through for their inspection, so long as they don’t end up being a tripping hazard. 


Try to get these jobs done before the photographer arrives so they can include some exterior shots in your listing. 


2. Presentation is key


Speaking of your listing, looks matter on the inside as well.


Scroll through local house for sale ads and make a mental note of the places that catch your eye. They tend to look fresh, clean and either have a nice modern or beautiful heritage look. 


Presentation can make an enormous difference to your sale outcome. The ‘rule’ to keep in mind is that you want buyers to picture your home as their own. Their first stop for doing this will be in your advertisement so you’ll need to have your home ready to showcase well before the open home day. 


Presenting your home 


Here are the most important stages in presenting your Rockhampton home for sale:


Tidy and declutter: The first step to presenting your home successfully is to tidy and declutter every space. Rooms should be presented in a way that highlights their purpose, and eliminating excess clutter is the best way to do this. 


You might need to hire a storage unit to put excess things in for a short period; it will be worth the investment. 


Depersonalise: While tidying and decluttering, you should also remove any personal items or bits and pieces. This includes putting away family portraits and personal ornaments. You should also put away any evidence of pets, including bowls, beds or litter trays before your photography and open home days.


Clean: Before any potential buyers come to look at your home, you should ensure it has had a deep clean to look its sparkling best.


Work on the backyard: While the backyard may not need the same effort as the front, it should still be presented so it looks family-friendly and easy to manage. You may choose to leave an outdoor table and chairs to highlight the potential of a patio or open space. If you can find a way to incorporate fresh grass and shade, all the better. 


3. Marketing matters


Rockhampton stock is somewhat limited in 2024 but there are still plenty of homes on the market. You need yours to stand out so it makes it onto buyer shortlists and you receive multiple offers. 


One way to make a great impression is with video. Give your buyers a virtual tour and they’ll start to fall in love with the place. This is something we specialise in at The Agency CQ, and we notice the videos we create getting dozens of clicks in the leadup to open home day. Serious buyers will have viewed the clip several times and are already on their way to making up their mind when they arrive to have a look in person. 


We feature ourselves in property videos… it’s a tactic that helps buyers feel more comfortable when they meet us in person. They have seen us on screen so they feel like we are already friends. 


Here are a couple more tips to maximise your home sale results: 


- Have any major structural issues identified and addressed if possible (buyers will try to negotiate a lower price if they think there is a problem with the home)

- Add a fresh coat of paint and new carpets so the place looks live-in ready

- Refresh and highlight heritage features if your home has them.


To achieve an excellent sale price, you need to have more than one buyer interested in making the property their own. Follow the above tips and listen to advice from your agent to make this happen. 


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Todd Brandon
Operating with unparalleled insight into market trends, sales agent and team leader Todd Brandon services the Southside and Gracemere districts with a level of knowledge only a long-time resident can provide.