How to figure out what your Rockhampton home is worth


If you plan to sell your Rockhampton home, the first thing you will want to know is how much money you could get for it.


Determining your property’s value depends on a number of factors, not just what a similar place sold for down the street. 


Here’s how to get an idea of what your home might sell for.

Average prices


When you’re trying to figure out what your home might be worth, looking at the average price for your suburb can give you an idea.


For example, Frenchville has seen excellent growth over the last twelve months and average values are up by 11 per cent. Prices in this suburb have crept up steadily since 2019, from an average of around $305,000 to $440,000. This is because the suburb has plenty of quality family homes and is in a good location


Based on average growth in your postcode, you can get a general idea of what your home might be worth now compared to when you bought it. 


With this being said, it’s important to note that averages don’t always tell the full story. If you are in a suburb with plenty of prestige properties but your home is more modest, you will need to remember that your sale outcome might not be aligned with the average value. It’s better to think about percentage growth, rather than prices. 

What makes a home sell for more in Rockhampton?


Looking at the average will give you an idea, but there are other factors that will influence the amount your home is worth.


And at the end of the day, the amount it’s worth is the amount someone is actually willing to pay for it. 


Here are some of the things buyers will pay more for: 


  • Two functional storeys: Rockhampton residents like having space, and homes with two storeys ready to be lived in will always fetch more at sale. If you have a raised home, upgrading the space underneath so it is functional and not just used for storage can have a big impact on price. Internal access to the downstairs area is a plus. 


  • Renovated Queenslanders: Buyers love any type of Queenslander but a picture-perfect, renovated Queenslander that retains its heritage features but is set up for modern living will always fetch a good price. 


  • Location: Certain parts of Rockhampton sell for more because they are close to the city and river. 


  • Indoor/outdoor living: A covered deck that you can access from the kitchen or living room is a sought-after feature.


  • Views: One of the reasons The Range has higher prices is that it is on the side of the mountain and has some of the best views in town. 


  • Size and space: Growing families like to have a fourth bedroom, additional living space and room for the children to play. These features will increase your home’s value. 


  • Condition: If you want to achieve a good price, you need your home to impress potential buyers. A fresh coat of paint, new cabinetry in the kitchen and air conditioning makes the decision to put in an offer much easier. 


  • Quality investment properties: We are lucky in Rockhampton to have plenty of demand from investors. This creates competition and can increase the final sale price. 


  • Air conditioning, swimming pools and garages: Buyers like comfort and convenience. A home that demonstrates how easy and enjoyable it is to live in will have buyers coming back for a second look.


You may have noticed a home down the road sold for a certain price, but when you look at the factors above, it’s easy to see why yours may be worth more or less than this amount. You need an agent to come and give you an appraisal based on all the features of your property. 

Talk to your agent


Home prices in Rockhampton have changed dramatically over the last few years. If you’re not sure what your place is worth, the best thing you can do is speak to an experienced local agent who can give you an estimate based on all the factors above and take recent comparable sales into account. 


Your agent will also take the steps to ensure every interested buyer sees your home. This will ensure you sell it for the right amount. 


Ready to sell? Get in touch today.


Todd Brandon
Operating with unparalleled insight into market trends, sales agent and team leader Todd Brandon services the Southside and Gracemere districts with a level of knowledge only a long-time resident can provide.