Is it time to sell your Rockhampton home?


As we enter the final months of 2023, you may be wondering if you have missed the boat when it comes to selling your property. 


From our perspective, this is far from the case. There is still ample time to sell before Christmas, or at least to prepare for a sale in the new year. 


Find out why we recommend you list your Rockhampton home sooner rather than later:

Economic confidence


Interest rates are currently on hold after all those increases over the last year or so. 


Jumping rates had buyers scared because they weren’t confident about how much their mortgage repayments would be. However, because rates have been steady for a while, buyers are confident that they will start to decrease before too long. 

Because of this, we are seeing buyer activity and confidence increase. Bids are healthy and competition is strong. 

Rockhampton is an investor hot-spot


Investors who have been pushed out of Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast are seeking opportunities in growth areas and Rockhampton is delivering this. We are receiving regular calls from interstate and from buyer’s agents who have cash-ready purchasers. 


Investors understand that Rockhampton’s growing population and infrastructure mean numbers will track in the right direction and they are willing to pay fair prices to get into the market while it is still rising. 

Renters are on the move


A lot of people come to Rockhampton and rent for a year before they buy. These new residents will often start to think about buying towards the end of the year.  


We have plenty of interested parties who want to move when their lease expires. They are keen to be in before Christmas so they can start the new year in their next home. 

Spring is selling season


Spring is traditionally the best time of year to sell property and Rockhampton is no exception.


Right now, we have warm sun but summer is not in full swing so gardens are looking lush and healthy. It’s the perfect time to present your place to buyers so they fall in love.


We can work with you to make sure your home is looking its best with street and garden appeal. You should find a sale happens as a result of only one or two home opens. 

Buyer demand


Investors are particularly interested in Rockhampton’s popular suburbs of Gracemere, Frenchville, Allenstown, The Range and Norman Gardens, and all buyers love Queenslanders, so if you are selling in those suburbs or own a Queenslander, you are in luck.


The sweet spot in terms of price is between $400,000 and $700,000. Homes listed in this price range are selling lightning fast.


All the same, there is still a market for higher-end homes, and plenty of buyers have $1 million plus budgets. 

Get help to sell before Christmas


We understand that preparing a home for sale can be stressful, particularly if you are managing a family and a full time job. This is why we offer a concierge service; to help you get all those jobs like tidying, painting and repairs done quickly and easily. 


Our team will start working with you long before the sales sign goes up to help you and your property be completely ready so it attracts more interest and bids from buyers. With this work done, the selling process will be fast and easy. 

The time to sell is now


What are you waiting for? If you have a home that’s suitable for downsizers, investors or any size of family, we have ready buyers. 


We can also offer the benefit of working with a friendly, dedicated and compassionate team who will support you throughout the journey to sell your Rockhampton property. It’s our goal to make sure you have a positive experience and get an outcome you are 100 per cent happy with. 


Sell your home in Rockhampton with the leading property team in the area. Contact The Agency CQ today.

Todd Brandon
Operating with unparalleled insight into market trends, sales agent and team leader Todd Brandon services the Southside and Gracemere districts with a level of knowledge only a long-time resident can provide.