All about Allenstown


With its wide, leafy streets and highly liveable flat blocks, Allenstown is one of the most desirable suburbs in Rockhampton. 


Let’s take a look at this hotspot, its history and why it’s such hot property. 

The basics


Allenstown is a Rockhampton suburb that borders the central CBD area and the hillside district of The Range. 


The 2021 census recorded 2,672 residents.  The majority of the population is families who enjoy living in an affordable suburb that is close to the action of the downtown area.



The original custodians of Allenstown were the Darumbal Aboriginal people, the same group that lived in all of Rockhampton as well as a good portion of the surrounding region.


After European settlement, Wikipedia shares that Allenstown really was ‘Allen’s Town’. It gets its name from a local builder named William Allen, who returned from the gold rush happening in nearby Canoona in around 1862 and started selling blocks of land in the area. As cottages began to grow on the blocks Allen sold, locals started to call the area after its owner. 

What’s to love about Allenstown?


One of the big draws of Allenstown is the flatness of the suburb. Unlike many of the surrounding neighbourhoods which have a view but sit on a slope, Allenstown homes are generally on large flat blocks. This is great for lawnmowers and fantastic for families with kids.


There are dozens of classic Queenslanders with gorgeous verandahs and decks as well as plenty of single-storey homes in Allenstown. As local real estate agents, we love seeing how new owners are making the most of these homes by raising them and putting an entertainment space downstairs. 


The bigger blocks in Allenstown also allow owners to add swimming pools and sheds, which helps to make the most of living in Rockhampton. Buying prices are not as high as in some of the neighbouring suburbs, so homeowners have the budget left after buying a home to perform these renovations.


Savvy buyers have clued into the fact that the council is generally easygoing as far as granting approval to changes and upgrades. They are choosing Allenstown because they can take a fixer-upper and turn it into something special. 

Who lives in Allenstown?


Allenstown has traditionally been very tightly held but the ageing population is starting to seek out smaller, more manageable properties, and a lot of homes are now coming to market because of this.


This is leading to more younger families moving in, and the suburb is becoming more and more family-friendly. Investors who want to lease out family homes that have great capital growth potential also have their eye on the area. 

Allenstown vs The Range


The Range is seen as the ‘gem’ in Rockhampton’s crown because of sweeping area views and beautiful homes. However, Allenstown has its own advantages. 


For example, the suburb has its own Woolworths, as well as a number of restaurants, parks, and playing fields. It is also home to the Catholic College, which is regarded as one of the better schools in Rockhampton and is not far from other high-quality schools. 


Meanwhile, Rockhampton Hospital and Mater Private Hospital are both nearby in adjoining suburbs.


In terms of value, you do get more for your money in Allenstown than The Range, which is fantastic for young buyers. To add to this, prices in Allenstown have shot up by more than eight per cent over the last twelve months, and yield is reported to be at an impressive 6.5 per cent for freestanding homes. 


What’s your move?


If you have a home in Allenstown, we have plenty of interested buyers and can work with you on a strategy to maximise interest and help you achieve a fantastic price.


For anyone who wants to buy in the area, think about how much ‘elbow grease’ you want to put into a property and contact us to explore your options. Whether you want to have some fun renovating or move in and enjoy a forever home, there will be something for you and your family. 


Want to buy or sell in Allenstown? Get in touch today.

Todd Brandon
Operating with unparalleled insight into market trends, sales agent and team leader Todd Brandon services the Southside and Gracemere districts with a level of knowledge only a long-time resident can provide.