Why Everyone Wants a Home on The Range


The Range is one of Rockhampton’s most sought-after suburbs, with stunning area views and enviably gorgeous Queenslander homes. 


This exclusive hillside locale is popular because of its location, just three kilometres from Central Rockhampton and within an easy distance of top-performing schools such as Rockhampton Grammar School and Rockhampton Girls Grammar. It’s also in the vicinity of the Rockhampton Base Hospital, Mater Hospital and Hillcrest Hospital. 


Between 5000 and 6000 people live on The Range, which is next door to another couple of popular suburbs — Allenstown and Wandal. Residents experience the ideal lifestyle, with access to the Botanic Gardens and plenty of local amenities just a stone’s throw away.  

Homes on The Range


Take a look at places for sale in this area and you will find a mixed bag, but The Range is definitely Rockhampton’s home of prestige properties.


In 2022, two properties broke the $2 million threshold, with one selling for $2.1 million and the other for $2.6 million. The Range was also the first spot in Rockhampton to break the $1 million threshold a few years ago. 

Many of the properties that bigger spenders have their eye on are architecturally designed or are beautifully maintained Queenslanders with historic features but modern upgrades that lend themselves to luxury living. 


The good thing about The Range is that you can definitely find a more modest property if you want to live in the area but don’t have a huge budget. There are plenty of single-level or raised three-bedroom homes for under $500,000. 


If you’re living here and looking out across the district, you can’t really expect a flat backyard, although plenty of homes do have pools and level outdoor areas. What a home in the suburb does give many owners is a fantastic view of the Fitzroy River and either the city lights or the western sunsets. 

Selling Property on The Range


Owners who are ready to move on from The Range, perhaps to downsize to a high-end apartment near the river or to move out of the area, should have no trouble selling in 2023 and 2024. 


Right now, interest from buyers is high. This has been the case for a few years, and it has contributed to average home values rising by 4.8 per cent over the twelve months to July 2023 (as reported by realestate.com.au)


While strong demand is one thing, you still need plenty of planning and preparation to bring in multiple buyers who will bump up their offers. This includes making sure the home is looking its best and free from clutter or obvious issues in need of repair. 


If your home lacks something buyers expect such as built-in wardrobes, a new air conditioning unit or a modern kitchen, think about what upgrades you can make, or talk to your agent about how these factors will affect the price. 


It’s all about maximising the appeal of your online listing to attract interest, then wowing people as they walk through the front door. If the home doesn’t have any major structural issues, you should find buyers are eager to make an offer. 

Buying property 


If you love a view and want to be close to the action in Rockhampton, The Range is an excellent choice. Think about whether you want a beautiful Queenslander and if you’re prepared to do what’s necessary to maintain it, or if a more modern home would suit your lifestyle. 


With prices growing steadily over the past few years, it will be difficult to go wrong in this area and you should find there is a property to meet your price point. 

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Todd Brandon
Operating with unparalleled insight into market trends, sales agent and team leader Todd Brandon services the Southside and Gracemere districts with a level of knowledge only a long-time resident can provide.