Buyers Are Going Crazy For Berserker


If you’re looking to invest in Rockhampton, the unusually-named suburb of Berserker is a postcode to pay attention to. 

At The Agency CQ, we have had a flood of interest from buyers lately because of the suburb’s fantastic growth potential and treasure trove of heritage-style homes. 

Here is a little bit about Berserker and why it is such an excellent place to live or make an investment.


Why is it called Berserker?

The term ‘berserker’ refers to unruly Nordic warriors of Viking times who dressed themselves in animal skins and fought savagely in battle. 


The original Nordic word, ‘berserkr’, is a compound of ‘serkr’, meaning shirt, and either ‘berr’, meaning bare, or ‘bjorn’, meaning bear. So it means either ‘bare-shirt’, warriors fighting without armour, or ‘bear-shirt’, warriors fighting in bear skins.


So how did this end up being an Australian suburb name? It came from Rockhampton pioneer pastoralist Charles Archer, who reportedly had connections to Norway. Who knows what he was thinking when he decided to give an Australian location this moniker, but it’s a point of interest if nothing else! 


Speaking of this unusual suburb name, you will know whether or not someone is from Rockhampton by the way they say Berserker. If you pronounce it as though someone is going berserk (e.g. “berserk-a”), you will be quickly spotted as an out-of-towner. 


Locals take the emphasis out of the middle of the word so it sounds more like “Bur-zeh-ka”


Get it right, and you will impress the locals. And you can always call us for a quick lesson!


Why buy Berserker real estate?


Colourful name aside, there are lots of reasons to invest in Berserker real estate as this really is an up-and-coming suburb. 


Here are some of the reasons to set your search criteria for this district:


  • Potential: Berserker is full of older homes and Queenslanders that have massive potential for improvements and renovations. This means you can snap up a home for around $300,000 that can easily be ‘flipped’ or simply fixed up into a genuinely pleasant family pad. If you love a heritage-filled area and a home that has character, Berserker real estate is a total win. 


  • Gentrification: Over the past few years, Berserker has been becoming more and more popular with young families. This is creating a more vibrant and community atmosphere and turning the area into the place to be.


  • Convenience: Located six kilometres from central Rockhampton, Berserker is close to the Stockland shopping centre and a number of other amenities, including the library, a couple of nearby schools and plenty of parks for the kids to play in. It is a convenient and easy spot, and is sought after by tenants who want a convenient and affordable lifestyle. 


  • Investment and profit opportunities: If you are an investor looking for a rental property, you can’t go past Berserker. As explained by our Property Partner Wes Smuts, the vacancy rate is 0.05%, which means steady occupancy and strong yields.


As a savvy investor, there is also the potential to renovate. “If you put in between $10,000 and $30,000 to freshen up an older Queenslander in Berserker, you should find it easy to make a quick sale and profit from your efforts,” says Wes.  

A note on flooding


You may have heard that Berserker is on a floodplain and subject to flooding.


While this is true, there are a number of strategies in place to prevent flooding from becoming a serious issue for homeowners in the area.

To begin with, many Berserker homes are elevated to reduce the risk of damage from minor flooding.


Secondly, the council is constantly working on flood mitigation strategies to ensure that homes are kept safe from the threat of flooding. They have installed backflow prevention valves on stormwater drains to prevent the backup of the Fitzroy River floodwaters into areas around Berserker, mostly between Queen Elizabeth Drive and Ellis Street.


It’s definitely worth doing your due diligence before you buy but talk of potential flooding doesn’t mean you should rule this suburb out of your purchasing or investing plans. 


We are happy to share the latest information and will always be transparent so you can be confident about your purchase. 

Sales in Berserker


Property sales in Berserker are extremely positive in 2023. 


“Most of our properties will sell after one or two home opens, at strong prices,” says Wes, “and we have been working with good volume of homes, especially at the start of this year.”


If you’re looking to sell, you have the option of listing your home ‘as is’ for a rapid result due to high levels of interest from buyers and investors, or you can invest a small amount of money into an upgrade project with the expected outcome of selling at a premium. 


In 2023, we are having a fantastic time helping homeowners prepare to sell in Berserker and connecting them with interested and purchase-ready buyers who are bringing so much to the area. 


Looking to buy or sell in Berserker? Get in touch with the Agency CQ team today.


Wes Smuts
Always eager to build lasting relationships with people from across the broader community, Wes Smuts is driven to provide superior customer care through his role as a fully licensed sales agent and Auctioneer at The Agency.